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Hydrogen Storage in MOFs

Adsorption-based hydrogen storage has emerged as a promising solution for efficient and safe storage of hydrogen gas. Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), a class of porous materials composed of metal ions or clusters connected by organic linkers, have shown great potential in this field. This paper explores the unique properties and capabilities of MOFs for hydrogen storage.
MOFs exhibit high surface areas, tunable pore sizes, and excellent adsorption properties, making them ideal candidates for hydrogen storage. Their porous nature allows for the confinement of hydrogen molecules within their structures, leading to high gravimetric and volumetric storage capacities. Furthermore, the surface chemistry of MOFs can be tailored to enhance hydrogen adsorption and release kinetics, improving the overall storage performance.
Several strategies have been employed to optimize hydrogen storage in MOFs, including functionalization of the organic linkers, introduction of metal sites with appropriate binding energies, and optimization of temperature and pressure conditions. Additionally, the use of MOFs as fillers in composite materials and their integration into hybrid systems have been explored to enhance hydrogen storage capabilities.
MOFs offer a promising platform for adsorption-based hydrogen storage due to their exceptional properties and versatility. Continued research and development efforts are crucial to unlock the full potential of MOFs and pave the way for their practical implementation in the transition towards a hydrogen-based economy.

Paths to solution

MOF filled Hydrogen Storage Systems

MOF-filled aluminum cylinders offer a promising solution for hydrogen storage. MOFs enhance hydrogen storage capacity with their high surface area and adsorption properties, while aluminum cylinders provide structural integrity. The combination of MOFs and aluminum cylinders enables efficient and safe hydrogen storage systems.

Solution to thermal conductivity (R)

We have successfully implemented our patented innovative solution to address the thermal conductivity issue. In our application, we have reduced the time required for MOFs to reach thermal equilibrium at low temperatures, resulting in higher filling performance. This breakthrough enables improved efficiency and performance of MOFs in low-temperature environments.

Options for different capacities and applications.

Our products vary in terms of tube volume, type of storage material, and whether they possess rapid filling capabilities. This allows us to provide tailored solutions to meet specific needs and requirements.

MOF Filled Storage

Our products have been developed for various applications, including the storage of hydrogen and other gases, thanks to their ability to be filled with three primary MOFs as well as numerous specialized MOFs. This versatility allows us to meet the storage requirements of different industries and offers efficient storage solutions for a wide range of applications

Licenced Fast Filling 

We provide customized products specifically designed for mobile systems, offering licensed rapid filling capabilities for high quantities. These solutions are tailored to meet the demands of mobile applications, ensuring efficient and fast filling processes.


We offer products for different applications, catering to various usage areas with diverse optionsWe offer products for different applications, catering to various usage areas with diverse options.
Embrace the future of hydrogen storage with the HydroginMOF Series.

HydroginMOF-HT Series

Unleash the Power of Rapid Filling and Versatile MOF Options for Mobile Applications

Experience the HydroginMOF-HT Series, where licensed rapid filling capability meets a range of MOF filling options. Designed specifically for mobile applications, our advanced solutions provide unparalleled convenience and flexibility. Whether you require swift refueling or customized MOF selections, our HydroginMOF-HT Series has you covered.

HydroginMOF Series

MOF-Filled Solutions for Applications where Filling Time is Not a Concern

Introducing the HydroginMOF Series, featuring MOF-filled solutions for applications where filling time is not a limitation. With our HydroginMOF Series, you can experience efficient and reliable hydrogen storage without compromising on speed. Whether you need high-capacity storage or specialized MOF options, our HydroginMOF Series offers a range of solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. 

HydroginMOF mini Series

Empowering Small-Scale Devices with Efficient Hydrogen Storage Solutions

Specially designed to address the hydrogen storage needs of small devices such as drones and similar compact systems when utilizing fuel cells. With our Mini Series, you can achieve reliable and efficient hydrogen storage, ensuring an uninterrupted power supply for your devices. Power your small-scale devices with confidence using our HydroginMOF Mini Series.

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Open for Collaboration Towards Advancement

We also offer customized options for specific capacities and applications. Prior to that, thorough analysis and testing are conducted to ensure the development of final products. We are delighted to collaborate with you to explore specialized applications and beyond. Let’s work together to achieve tailored solutions for your unique needs and requirements.

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